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The home of the only authorised and official website for the Lyke Wake Walk, the Hambleton Hobble and the Shepherd's Round- containing all the information you need to complete the walks.

The Lyke Wake Walk is still alive and well, and being walked every year by walkers of all ages and nationalities. It is a 42 mile walk from Scarth Wood Moor, Osmotherley, across the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors, ending on the north sea coast at Ravenscar. The challenge is to complete the full walk within 24 hours.

Moorland Lyke Wake Walk

©Photograph by John Hughes

Since the first time it was walked on the 1st October 1955, in excess of 160,000 people have completed the walk. In addition, due to matters of conservation, two further walks - the Hambleton Hobble and the Shepherd's Round have also been developed. For full details of all the walks, including important walking information <Click Here>.

Anyone who completes the Lyke Wake Walk is entitled to purchase the much coveted official coffin shaped badge, and even though the former Lyke Wake Club no longer exists, the badge and other official merchandise are still available for purchase. <More Details>.

Lyke Wake Walk badges

Finally , the Lyke Wake Walk and the former Lyke Wake Club, have an interesting and long history. To discover the full story of how it all came about -<Read here>